Photo shows (left) the CURMA headquarters and Sea Turtle Hatchery located in Brgy. IIi Norte, San Juan, La Union and (right) CURMA head Mr. Toby Tamayo interviewed by wildlife and documentary host Doc Ferdz Recio

San Juan, La Union – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Region-I (DENR- I) was recently witnessed the sea turtle hatchlings released by CURMA, a non- profit, volunteer and non- government organization (NGO) based in Barangay Ili Norte, San Juan, La Union and managed by father and son Dr. Toby Tamayo and Carlos Tamayo. It was established in 2010, mainly focused on environmental and wildlife protection especially on sea turtle (Pawikan) conservation in the Philippines. The wildlife protection and conservation activity was held last January 8, 2021 also in line with the Zero Waste Month 2021 this January. CURMA is currently assisting the province of La Union in various environmental advocacies particularly in sea turtle conservation efforts.


Representatives from the DENR-I Conservation and Development Division (CDD) and the Regional Public Affairs Office (RPAO) witnessed the broad daylight back to the sea released of about 23 marine turtle hatchlings along the shorelines of CURMA headquarters wherein a Marine Turtle Hatchery is also located. The said hatchery contains marine turtle eggs gathered from turtle nests by volunteers and nature lovers along the shorelines of barangays Baroro, Pandan and Tammocalao, Bacnotan, La Union and barangays Ili Norte and Taboc, San Juan, La Union. The hatchlings in the hatchery include Olive Ridley marine turtles and the green sea turtle, also known as the Pacific Green Turtle, a species from family Cheloniidae (Sc. Chelonia mydas). These turtle species are now considered endangered because of, climate change, illegal- trade and other human harmful activities. Sea turtles serve as ambassadors of marine life and one of the most gentle sea creatures. They show the true nature of most living beings and they peacefully exist. They usually nest at night, under the cover of darkness during the nesting season which typically begins in September until the month of February.

The sea turtle hatchlings release was documented by the television crew of “Born to Be Wild.” A Philippine environmental and wildlife television travel documentary show broadcast by GMA Network and hosted by Dr. Ferdinand “Doc Ferdz” Recio, a popular veterinarian and a certified lover of animals who runs his own veterinary clinic. The “Born to Be Wild” CURMA episode will be shown on GMA Network this month of January, 2021. (GCG-RPAO)

Link: https://youtu.be/3uHN6pPGwD4