San Fernando City, La Union – Two major infrastructure projects in partnership with the Department of Public Works and Highways, Region- I (DPWH- I) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Region- I (DENR- I) has gone a long way with the recent construction of two projects office located in Government Center, Sevilla, San Fernando City, La Union was finally completed this year.

 Upon the request of then DENR- I Regional Executive Director Reynulfo A. Juan in 2018, DPWH- I approved and funded the construction of DENR- I Concrete Paved Parking Area amounting to P 1.1- million which is located in the northwest portion premises of the DENR- I Regional Office. The DENR- I Parking Area aims for the orderly handling and safekeeping of the agency’s service vehicles, clientele and employees vehicles as well.

Another DPWH- funded infrastructure project which was requested by DENR- I Regional Executive Director Atty. Crizaldy M. Barcelo last February, 2020 and was immediately approved by the DPWH- I is the construction of the P 17.1- million Active Slope Protection Project (Riprap) located at the hilly rear portion of the DENR- I Office premises. The project aims to prevent the heavy rain impact run- off velocity of the road and soil erosion to DENR- I grounds and other government offices in the Government Center. The program of works and the construction plan was prepared by the DPWH in response to the DENR- I request for technical assistance. The construction of the project was officially completed in August 28, 2020.