Planning and Management Division



OIC-Regional Executive Director


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Chief, Planning & Management Div.


Planning and Management Division

The Planning and Management Division shall be responsible in the formulation, assessment, consolidation and recommendation of approval of regional plans and programs and in the monitoring of its implementation in accordance with the department's mandate, thrust and priorities.  It shall also be responsible in the collation of relevant statistical data and in the development of a effective management information systems.


Planning and Programming Section


  1. Prepare, consolidate and review regional Annual Work and Financial Plan and Budget Proposal in accordance with the Department’s Thrusts/Priorities and Appropriations;
  2. Assists the RD on planning matters on various interagency council/committees such as the Regional Council on Sustainable Development (RCSD), Regional Development Council (RDC), Regional Projects Monitoring Committees (RPMC), ENR SECOM etc.
  3. Coordinates and serves as Focal Point for various ENR concerns in the preparation of Action Plans to implement DENR’s Thrusts/Priorities supportive to the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016; 
  4. Review and integrate short, medium and long-range plans for the Regional Office, in close coordination with Sectors/PENROs/CENROs;
  5. Prepare, review and consolidate proposed programs, projects, plans and activities submitted by Sectors/PENROs/CENROs;
  6. Coordinates/maintains liaise with other agencies and Central Office relative to planning, monitoring, statistics and information systems concerns;
  7. Coordinate with regional and local planning bodies to ensure that the region's plans and programs are aligned with the development priorities of the RDC and those of the local government units.
  8. Performs other activities as maybe assigned by the higher authorities.

Monitoring and Evaluation Section

  1. Monitors and validate the implementation of different ENR projects and  actual performance of Sectors/PENROs/CENROs based on accomplishments reported against success indicators and budget against actual expenses;
  2. Review and validate monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and year end performance reports and recommends standards, criteria, indicators and policies in the assessment of accomplishments and in the improvement of operation;
  3. Prepare and evaluates project proposals for submission to funding institutions;
  4. Prepare reports on Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (RPMES) and other reports required by OGAs, NEDA, NSCB and LGUs;
  5. Coordinates/maintains liaison with other agencies and Central Office relative to planning, monitoring and statistics;

Regional ICT Unit


  1. Develop and maintain information systems, applications and ENR database;
  2. Coordinate with MISD central office, various divisions and field offices on the implementation ENR information systems, on-line reporting system and other applications;
  3. Conduct orientation on the implementation of ENR information systems and other ICT-capability training;
  4. Maintain, update and post reports and other information required under the GAA, transparency seal  and other policies to the Official Website;
  5. Maintain ICT communication networks, equipment and network infrastructures;
  6. Maintain and consolidate GIS Maps and ENR datasets.
  7. 1.Performs other activities as maybe assigned by higher authorities.