I1 La Union residents turn over Serpent Eagle to DENR


La Union residents turn over Serpent Eagle to DENR


SAN JUAN, La Union – Concerned Residents of barangay Sto. Domingo turned over a weak Serpent Eagle to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on August 29, 2016. This was after it crashed through the window of Ronnel Salonga who was having lunch with his family.   

According to Senior Ecosystem Management Specialist Marilyn Racoma, the case of the rescued serpent eagle was reported to DENR Secretary Gina Lopez by San Juan Councilor Miguel Magsaysay after it was called to him by the concerned residents. It was then referred to DENR-1 Regional Director Paquito T. Moreno who deployed staff to attend to the said serpent eagle.

According on their observations, Ms. Racoma said that the eagle was probably hunting for food. It was very hungry that its crop was flat and empty. After they have rescued the eagle, they fed it with meat and is now slowly recovering.  She said that they are just waiting for its certification of its release. As of now, the eagle is already back on its normal strength.

Ms. Racoma also stressed that it is somehow unusual for the serpent eagle to fly around the area in Sto. Domingo since the eagle is a forest dependent animal. But according to their analysis, maybe the eagle was flying in the mountains of San Gabriel which is near the agricultural land of Sto. Domingo. 

The Philippine Serpent Eagle (Spilornis holospilus) is an eagle found in the major islands of the Philippines. This species is usually found in forest clearings, open woodlands and sometimes in cultivated lands with scattered trees. It is endemic to the Philippines. The species is found on most part of the major islands, except for Palawan.