DENR-PENRO La Union celebrated the 113th Land Management month


DENR-PENRO La Union celebrated the 113th Land Management month through the distribution of Free Patent Titles to landowners at Bangar, La Union. The celebration was attended by the Mayor as duly represented by the Vice Mayor Vergelio Dabalos, Register of Deeds Director, Atty Laura Iryn Mae M. Padua and the Regional Director of DENR as represented by RTD Manuel Ydia and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan graced the occasion. There were 194 patents distributed to deserving beneficiaries.

The RTD for Lands Manuel Ydia extended the warm congratulations of the Regional Director Samuel Penafiel to all recipients of titles, as finally they have perfected ownership over the said lands which they could now call their very own. He also emphasized the importance of the MOPA (Memorandum of Partnership Agreement), in making the handog titulo program more accessible to the stakeholders through partnership with the Local Government Unit. It is the intention of the administration of President Benigno Aquino to be able to title all lands during his term.

In Bangar, La Union, Penro, La Union has already titled 1700 lands and continues in this advocacy until it has covered all of the alienable and disposable lands. He also thanked the Local Government for their contribution in making this program a success.

He also mentioned the other modes of titling public lands which DENR undertakes such as special patents issued to government lands and school sites.

The PENR Officer thanked the Hon. Mayor and key officials for providing a venue for the said activity and stressed on the importance of having a title. He explained the importance of the title in spurring economic activity by enabling the landowner to use the titled land as collateral which he can use to improve his life and the lives of their children to aid them financially to send them to good schools or to send them abroad. He emphasized that through the MOPA, DENR brings this program of the department closer to the constituents of Bangar as now DENR goes directly to their barangays or through the LGU itself to accept their applications and now to personally deliver the titles to them once registered. He appreciated the cooperation of LGU Bangar towards this advocacy and hoped that the partnership will be strengthened.

The Register of Deeds,  Atty Laura Iryn Mae Padua introduced herself as the new Register of Deeds who replaced Atty. Pablito Valdez who have already retired. She expressed her appreciation for being given the opportunity to deliver the titles personally and she explained to the recipients to take good care of the titles issued to them because it would take judicial action to replace them should they be lost. She also explained that the delay in the release of titles is on account of the ongoing computerization in Manila. She apologized for the delay and admitted that their process is not yet perfect but they are improving delivery and have in fact she has established a hotline to address complaints.

The titles were individually awarded to recipients and ended with a group picture as memento form the awardees.  Certificate of Appreciation were also awarded to the Mayor and the Register of Deeds.  ( Aida Paday-os/RPAO)