Disaster Conciousness Month




            In consonance with the observance of the National Disaster Consciousness Month this July following this year’s theme “Ligtas na Bayan, Maunlad na Pamayanan”, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Region 1 bared the following activities aimed at raising public awareness especially among Local Government Units (LGUs) and communities on the use, understanding and interpretation of geohazard maps as an important tool in disaster preparedness during calamities:

  1. 1.Hanging of streamer bearing this year’s theme;
  2. 2.Conduct of Geohazard Mapping and Assessment (1:10,000 scale);
  3. 3.Information campaign. Provision of advisories/list of landslide/erosion/flood-prone areas in all municipalities in the region and digitized copies of landslide and flood-prone areas susceptibility maps based on the results of 1:50,000 scale geohazard assessment done by MGB personnel;
  4. 4.Conduct of lectures on “Understanding Geohazards and Disaster Preparedness“, understanding of Geohazard Maps, Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Methodologies”;
  5. 5.Distribution of IEC materials such as posters, brochures/flyers, hand-outs, maps (soft and hard copies) to LGUs, students, clienteles, etc.
  6. 6.Monitoring and assessment of Mine Waste dumps and siltation ponds;
  7. 7.Reactivation of Special Task Action Groups (STAGs) during calamities;
  8. 8.Distribution of Advisories/RADMES to all LGUs, DENR Services/PENROs/CENROs;

   As part of this year’s observance, Environment Secretary Ramon J. Paje has encouraged the LGUs to take a look at the geohazard maps of the MGB. The stakeholders are urged to take note of the areas which are highly susceptible for flooding and landslide, specifically during the onset of rainy season.

   MGB-1 Regional Director (RD) Carlos A. Tayag said that the purpose of geohazard assessment and mapping is to identify areas in the region that are susceptible to flooding and landslides for disaster preparedness.  

   He further said that LGUs can make use of the finished 1:10,000 m. scale geohazard maps of Region 1 which are more detailed in nature.  

   With the Climate Change Advocacy Campaign, Director Tayag said our role is very important in the conduct of IEC campaign among LGUs and other stakeholders giving emphasis on the use of geohazard maps in crafting pro-active plans and programs which will be used in the implementation of adaptation strategies such as preventive evacuation, identification/designation of resettlement area/s within their communities.

    In support of adaptation strategies, the conduct of an earthquake and tsunami drill to be spearheaded by the Office of the Civil Defense in coordination with the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) – Member agencies will be conducted on July 22 at Brgy. Ilocano Sur, City of San Fernando, La Union.

          RD Tayag also advised that with the worldwide phenomenon of Climate Change as the new normal, the best defense against calamities is for the public to be vigilant and prepared especially during the coming typhoons months and not to only depend on the LGUs.