Marine Turtle Rescued


A Green Marine Turtle (Chelonia mydas) or Pawikan was accidentally caught thru fish net by fisher folks near the shoreline of Barangay Pagudpud, San Fernando City, La Union. The endangered turtle/reptile, believed to be a victim of dynamite fishing, was found last March 29, 2014 and rescued by a group of fisherman from Barangay Canaoay led by Rodney Bulseco who immediately reported the weakened Sea Turtle to the concerned authorities particularly the City Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-1) Protected Areas Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service (PA WCZMS).

The female marine turtle measuring 85 cm by 74 centimeters was found to have been infected by barnacles (specie of oyster), weak and with a bloated body after a team from DENR led by Dr. Joey Zarate, a veterinary and marine specialist inspected and provided the necessary treatment to the said marine animal. The pawikan was immediately injected with a medicine (anti-biotic) and multi-vitamins and was later placed in a large basin filled with sea water and fed with some form of edible seaweeds as nourishment. Dr. Zarate and the DENR team removed the barnacles from the reptiles’ large shell and rehabilitation may take a couple of days for a smooth recovery to regain her strength. Likewise, the huge turtle is now under the custody of Barangay Canaoay fisher folks which will be regularly monitored by the DENR team and the City ENRO of San Fernando City, La Union.