PAWCZMS (Protected Areas Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service-1) Staff, Ms. Joey Zarate and Mr. Jose Nullar measures the python (Python reticulatus) within the grounds of the DENR-1 Building after it was rescued on January 14, 2014.

The snake locally called “sawa” or “beklat” in Ilocano which is 3m long, a male, approximately ten (10) years of age and has no fangs was rescued through the efforts of the San Fernando Police Station who relayed the information to the DENR after concerned residents of Brgy. Ilocanos Norte called the said Police Station that a python was found lingering within the vicinity of Macho Temple causing panic to residents in the area.

The python was already limp and dying as it bore several wounds in its body which could have caused by mauling. The python failed to recover from sustained injuries and died the following day. Its body was immediately brought and buried to the Wildlife Cemetery in Sta. Rita, Agoo, La Union which is within the perimeter of the Agoo-Damortis Protected Landscape and Seascape.