With the approval of the Department of Budget and Management, the DENR’s Rationalization Plan is now on its way effective December 15, 2013 The new Office structure is now functional rather than sectoral. A total of 730 items/positions in DENR Region 1 is being filled up while 149 regular personnel regionwide availed of the retirement incentive package. The new structure requires quality performance in the conservation and preservation of the country’s environment and natural resources, thus requiring a quality qualification standards for the employees. The mass retirement/testimonial program for 70 employees of the Regional Office (mostly came from the Ecosystems Research and Development Service) was undertaken last December 16 (2013) at the DENR Social Hall, Sevilla, San Fernando City.

Under the new DENR structure, the Ecosystems Research and Development Service is abolished in the Regional Office and transferred to the Research Center for Watershed Management in Loakan, Baguio City.