Forest Fires


RED  Peñafiel also disclosed that DENR Region 1 has conducted series of para legal trainings for fire prevention officers in the upland communities, most specifically on effective patrol and surveillance of untenured public forestlands.  Fire fighting tools like fire swatters, fire shovel, rake hoe, water backpack tank , grass cutting bolos, helmets and working gloves were distributed to the organized fire fighting brigades all over the region. Last year, there were  eight trainings conducted on firefighting techniques and forest fire management to 168 deputized forest protection officers. It also gave deputation papers for qualified persons  like barangay tanods and officials to become forest protectors in their areas. It also is coordinating with various local government officials for them to  give ample support in forest rehabilitation thru the greening program and forest protection. The 16  Multi-Sectoral Forest Protection Councils in the region are also a big help in the protection of the forests.

In the province of Ilocos Norte, Gov. Imee Marcos coordinated with PENR Officer Juan delos Reyes  and hired 140 Barangay Ranger Officers (BROs)  who are deployed in different NGP sites in southeastern part of Ilocos Norte to protect their 215 hectare NGP plantations.  Mayor of Sual also hired  bantay gubat to lead in the protection of NGP site in Sual.  More and more LGUs are responding to the call to protect our forests. With  Pres. Aquino’s NGP, the LGU plays a vital role in the forest rehabilitation and maintenance of established plantations in their areas.

    Damages of forest fires.. The absence of plantation in the uplands (due to burned plantations) can cause lots of damages like air pollution. Trees are carbon sink, meaning carbon dioxide in the air are being sequestered  by the leaves of the trees. If carbon dioxide remains, the we breathe the air with carbon and would  sunk into our lungs which causes so many illnesses like lung cancer.  Moreover, the forest which is the home of animals are being destroyed or gone. .  It also disturbs the  watersheds which provides water to the communities and agricultural lands.  Forest fires can destroy the environment completely and stops the ecological cycle.//ena