Wildlife Cemetery seen in La Union


Wildlife protection and conservation
at top gear

San Fernando City, La Union – After focusing on the establishments of wildlife rescue centers in Region 1,  in cooperation  of various environmental advocates,  the Department of Environment and Natural Resources RO1 is considering the  establishment of a wildlife  cemetery.

Regional Executive Director Samuel Peñafiel has instructed the Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management (PAWCZMS) Service and the DENR’s Land Evaluation Party to identify  an area in their survey and delineation of protected area in Agoo, La Union that is suitable for a wildlife cemetery.

RED Peñafiel said it is but right to give due value and high regard to the widlife species  which God also created to become part of the ecosystem, most particularly those species nearing extinction. So far, we are yet to strengthen information dissemination among the general public and heighten their awareness on the importance of the existence of these animals on our lives. This project would best contribute to the National Environmental Education program ( under Republic Act 7512)  and the site would become an eco-tourism area of the region. Wildlife which may be   interred to the cemetery would be monkeys, birds, python, and rare wildlife species  that  are caught ill and couldn’t survive anymore, like sea turtles. 

 According to the Office of Protected Areas, Wildlife, and Coastal Zone Management, some serpent eagles are sited in the wilderness of La Union. The DENR’s wildlife conservation program is in full swing as it  implements Republic Act No. 9147 known as “the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act”. The Philippines is one of the  18 biodiverse countries in the world,   where important and unique plants and animals are found..

Two wildlife rescue centers are now  established at the Holcim –Bacnotan , and in La Union Botanical Garden at San Fernando City (La Union). Wildlife  caught needing medical attention are brought to the wildlife centers  for medication. After the prescription of DENR veterinarian, the wildlife  are released to the wilderness. The DENR veterinarian has to diagnose ailing animals and make sure they are fit for  release back to the wilderness.

Meanwhile, the media practitioners of Bombo Radyo  La Union led by Asst. Manager Edwin Carvajal turned over a hawksbill turtle last Nov. 20 to the DENR Officials. The turtle was rescued  by fisherman from Barangay Nalvo, in Luna, La Union and was brought to the bombo radio station. This manifests that the  fishermen from La Union are very much aware of the pawikan conservation program of the government.  The DENR Officials together with the media  released the pawikan into sea after having it tagged. The DENR is giving certificate of recognition to those who rescue and turn-over the wildlife to the DENR. .= ena/rpao